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Therapy Session

  ABOUT our counselling services

Lucinda Smart Dp CS, Dp Hyp, C.P.AMT


As a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner (EFT) and Integrative Psychotherapeutic Counsellor I provide personalised therapies to support your wellbeing and self-development.  Helping you to identify how to make improvements in your life, for example, is your goal to:


Change your approach to stress or stressful situations?

Reduce a fear, phobia or nervous about a particular situation?

Learn techniques to relax your mind and body?

Improve your well-being?

Identify your goals?

Improve your quality of sleep?

Reduce anxious feelings or panic attacks?

Find techniques to help you manage a chronic condition?


If you have a query or concern that is not listed above please contact me to discuss confidentially. I will be able to recommend which of the therapies I provide will be the best option for you or signpost to alternative resources or therapists if I am not able to support.  

  frequently asked questions

Where do we start?

Firstly, please contact the Ashby Chiropractic and Wellbeing on 01530 411300, or myself on 07999 552508 or email via our online contact form to book an appointment.  If I am not available by phone please leave your name and telephone number and I will contact you as soon as possible, my phone will be silenced while I am in consultations.


At this stage, it would be helpful for you to consider what your goals are, or the issues you would like to work on, or any concerns or queries you have about the therapies I work with.  Following this, I will prepare our first consultation with your expectations and goals in mind. As each client is unique I prepare the first appointment in advance so we can make the most of our time.


How many appointments will I need?

Therapies are adapted to your requirements. Each individual and therapy process is unique and your appointment/s will be tailored to suit your requirements. Some clients enjoy regular relaxation sessions or book regular appointments for self-development. I offer block booking discounts, please refer to the pricing options for more information. 


Is it safe?

I am committed to continual professional development, ensuring your therapeutic treatment is safe and adheres to current industry guidelines. Always working with you to achieve the best possible outcome. If I believe the therapies I work with will not be of benefit to you I will ensure I to signpost clients to the most appropriate support available. My aim is to improve your wellbeing and support you to reach your goals.

Which therapy is best for me?

It may be one of the following or it may be a combination, we can discuss your preferences and adapt to what would be the best for you…


Hypnotherapy is a relaxing form of complementary therapy creating a subconscious change to our thoughts, feelings and behaviour.

It encourages a heightened state of awareness by using skilled relaxation techniques and enables me to work with you to reach your agreed goals.  There are many different approaches and techniques used in hypnotherapy, I will use my training and experience to use techniques that will be suitable and most effective for you. Sometimes it is useful for me to integrate EFT or counselling with your agreement.


Some clients may be more resistant than others to the hypnosis process, I can still work with this resistance. A client is always in control and it is gaining trust in the therapy that will require some more time to achieve effective results.  I can provide you with techniques to use anytime, anywhere.  Some clients have referred to the process as ‘a massage of the mind’ some describe their body feels very heavy and relaxed and others feel they are floating.


If you are diagnosed or suspect you are experiencing a psychotic condition I advise you discuss whether hypnotherapy will be useful for you with your health care professional.  Please do contact me if you have any queries about how this therapy works.

  emotional freedom technique (EFT)

EFT is a psychological acupressure technique, specific meridian points are activated to improve our mind and body connections. Stress and traumatic experiences have been linked to ill health. For example, if a negative past experience or a generalised anxiety has caused a permanent knot type feeling in the stomach we can work on this with EFT by evolving from the stuck point and developing a more useful physical reaction.  Using this therapy in combination with counselling can be very effective.


I am committed to continuous professional development and so use my experience to provide an integrative counselling approach, meaning that I use various approaches and personalise to each individual.


This therapy is most beneficial on a regular, scheduled appointment basis. We will review progress and future appointments at 6 weekly intervals. It may be useful to integrate hypnotherapy or EFT into some of these regular appointments.


We will address stressful or emotional issues, explore your options, develop strategies and increase self-awareness, enabling you to move forward and improve your life.


Hypnotherapy or EFT consultation (90mins)............................................................  £55

Counselling consultation (60mins)............................................................................  £35

Hypnotherapy or EFT, Block Booking Plan (3 x 90mins)..........................................  £150 (saving £15)

Counselling Block Booking Plan (6 x 60mins)...........................................................  £180 (saving £30)

IMPORTANT INFORMATION:  Block Booking Plans must be paid in advance of after consultation and treatments can be taken over a 12 month period.  Payments can be made to me by cash, cheque or transfer.  A cancellation fee of £25 applies if 24hrs notice is not provided.  You must contact me directly on 07999 552508 for cancellations or if you are running late.

  therapeutic recordings

All recordings are produced to be listened to with headphones and are a really convenient method of squeezing relaxation and self-development into your life. Each recording is approximately 30 minutes long. 


Relaxation for you: Downloadable (MP3 or Apple) - £9.50 / CD - £11.50 

Confidence for You: Downloadable (MP3 or Apple) - £9.50 / CD - £11.50  

Freedom from your Fear of Flying: Downloadable (MP3 or Apple) - £9.50 / CD - £11.50 

Weight Management for You: Downloadable (MP3 or Apple) - £9.50 / CD - £11.50  



All products are for use with headphones and by the purchaser only. 

Please do not operate machinery or drive while listening.

If diagnosed with a psychotic condition please do consult your mental health practitioner before using recordings.


Payments to be made at time of order by: Cheque / Cash / Bank Transfer

Orders for recordings can be made be made by emailing via this website or telephoning myself directly 07999 552508. Please do leave a message if I am unable to take your call as I may be with a client. 

  client feedback

'One word sums it up really 'FANTASTIC!!' You have cured my fear of flying, I was so calm and relaxed, I wasn't scared at all, I used all my techniques you told me to and I felt great. You are a miracle worker as there is no way I would have got on a plane before. Thank-you so much Lucinda. The world is now my oyster!! I highly recommend you.' June 2015


'I would like to take this opportunity to thank you again for the work that you have done with my pupils. It has been fantastic!' May 2015 - Headteacher's feedback – Preparing for SATs Coaching workshop enjoyed by a Year 6 class.


'I believe the sessions we had were extremely helpful to de-stress and to locate some of the main causes which have helped with getting on top of things.' S.K.


'Oh my gosh!! What have i just done!?' ‘I've just agreed to be hypnotised!!??

What is it? How does it make you feel?? What happens??? 


These are the thoughts that I had prior to my treatments, (I'm having relaxation & confidence building?) 

The first session - I just sat in the chair & closed my eyes, my therapist, Lucinda, did a lot of talking. I listened to some of it, but other times I drifted off with my own thoughts.


Was that it? Had I been hypnotised?? I don't think I was!! Didn't work on me oh well - didn't think it would!! I didn't feel anything different & I was aware of everything around me at all time.


During each session (treatment) I really enjoyed the peace & relaxation it gave me. I listened to Lucinda and I was taken to some wonderful, peaceful & beautiful places in my mind, letting all my worries & stresses float away! 

Each session was different, but i always felt relaxed, safe & contented. I really looked forward to each appointment, I felt so good. Working on the relevant issues as I had requested took little if any effort from myself.


Has my life improved? 

Yes, something has changed, I do more! I don't feel so nervous and my confidence has definitely improved! I now make decisions quicker and stick to those decisions. I don't change my mind so much I'm more relaxed & less stressed, I'm more focused & in tune with things happening around me. I'm enjoying life more. Maybe hypnosis really did work for me!


Throughout my treatment Lucinda was always very professional & supportive, she always made me feel relaxed & safe. 

A very big thank you, Lisa.


'I went to see Lucinda at the end of June 2010 with basically one goal to lose weight. Lucinda worked my mind to look at food differently and not to eat all the bad stuff lol!. I have since gone on to lose 3 stone! I have not touched any biscuits, cakes, sweets, chocolate and chippy chips since then!!!! I still have a way to go and will get there all thanks to Lucinda. She is a wonderful person an absolute star!!' Mrs S x


'Hey Lucinda, was at the dentist for quite a bit of treatment on Tuesday morning and used my anchor, its great and it still works for me. Again I'd never of managed it xxx Thanks x :)' 


'Lucinda was my first experience of hypnotherapy, she treated me for stress and nerves, so it was even a challenge to get through the door, but I’m so glad I went the improvement is unbelievable, I now regularly meditate to keep myself relaxed which helps me in my daily life. I would certainly recommend Lucinda.'

'I saw Lucinda in 2012 to have therapy to help me with my panic and anxiety attacks when driving or in open spaces. I found the therapy extremely helpful; I had planned to go to Australia on holiday and was concerned about my fears whilst I was away.


I am not saying that I am cured 100% but I felt a lot more in control of the situation and Lucinda taught me through the therapy how to relax and look at the situation in a different way; my trip to 'Oz' was a success I'm glad to say.


The driving fear however I have had since I passed my test over 20 years ago and am still not 100% confident in that area, I don't think I ever will be but I cope. I would certainly recommend her calm gentle manner if you are suffering with anxiety or panic attacks.'

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