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Both back and neck pain can be debilitating and can lead to extreme pain, stress, anxiety and sleep deprivation.  Issues can happen at any age and can unfortunately occur for a variety of reasons, ranging from lifting injuries to occupational strain to poor posture and alignment.


No matter the cause of your issue, the first steps towards recovery lies in accurate diagnosis and the devising a tailored treatment plan.  Whether your back pain is more recent or longstanding, our Chiropractor will do his utmost to get to the root of the problem and get you on the road to recovery.






  • A private consultation with one of our Doctor of Chiropractic

  • A thorough physical examination including neurological and orthopaedic tests

  • If clinically necessary, referrals for further diagnostic tests can be arranged privately or through your G.P.

  • A verbal report of our findings, explaining your condition and an a recommended treatment plan.


Following this Consultation and Report you will understand your spinal/ joint condition more thoroughly and what the options are for the most successful treatment of your condition.

Call Today on 01530 411300 to schedule an Initial Consultation where one of our friendly front desk team will be delighted to help you or alternatively email

To investigate the cause of a client's back and neck pain we provide:
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