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Many people consider recurring joint pain, stiffness, and swelling to be an unavoidable part of getting older. Especially if you played contact sports, like football, or worked in a very physical career, like construction, in your younger years, joint pain, stiffness, and swelling may set in even earlier than you expected.


However, chiropractic care can help treat joint pain, stiffness, and swelling, and in many cases can also help keep your joints from developing these painful and bothersome conditions in the first place (or at least put it off a few more years!).


Joint pain, stiffness, and swelling can be related maladies that develop together or you can experience just one of two of them. For instance, many people have joint stiffness without pain or swelling. For others, the pain may keep you from wanting to move the joint, but the joint itself isn’t truly stiff.


When you meet with your chiropractor, he or she will ask you questions and, if possible, gently move your joint, to determine which of these three ailments you are experiencing and to attempt to ascertain the root of the problem.







  • A private consultation with one of our Doctor of Chiropractic

  • A thorough physical examination including neurological and orthopaedic tests

  • If clinically necessary, referrals for further diagnostic tests can be arranged privately or through your G.P.

  • A verbal report of our findings, explaining your condition and an a recommended treatment plan.


Following this Consultation and Report you will understand your spinal/ joint condition more thoroughly and what the options are for the most successful treatment of your condition.

Call Today on 01530 411300 to schedule an Initial Consultation where one of our friendly front desk team will be delighted to help you or alternatively email

To investigate the cause of a client's joint pain and stiffness we provide:
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