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Below are the steps we take to find out exactly what is causing your symptoms and what needs to be done to get you back to optimum health



We understand on a first visit that there are three main answers that all of our clinic members would like to walk away with.  What is wrong with me?  What can be done to fix me?  How much will is cost?


With over 10 years of clinical experience, our chiropractor is well equipped to provide realistic answers these three questions. 

Most importantly, should our chiropractor deem that your condition will not benefit from receiving chiropractic treatments, you will not pay for the first visit.


Booking an appointment

To arrange an appointment with us, please call our bookings line on 01530 411300.  Our friendly admin team will advise you of availability and can book you in.  Calls are answered from 8:30am to 5:30pm, Monday to Friday.  If you are unsure if chiropractic is suitable for you, or have any questions that our website does not provide, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.


Completion of consultation form

Upon booking an appointment we will email a consultation to you, or you can download it HERE.  You can then print off the form off, complete it at home and then bring in to with you to your first visit.  If however,  you don't get the chance before your appointment, please arrive 15mins before you appointment to complete the form at the clinic.

We take a full case history

Your Chiropractor will start by running through your consultation form with you, asking for further questions and taking notes to build up your case history.  These questions may be about your past medical issues as well as your current ones.  If you have any relevant test results such as blood tests or x-ray reports, it would be helpful to bring these with you.

Full Chiropractic examination

Using neurological and orthopaedic testing, the chiropractor will assess your spine, joints, muscles and nerves to discover the route cause of your pain and discomfort.  You will not need to wear a gown as you may have experienced in other clinics. Instead, we ask that you wear something that you are comfortable in.

Further examination if necessary

On occasion the examination can highlight issues that the Chiropractor may feel a visit to your G.P is necessary.  If this is the case, the Chiropractor will advise you during the consultation.  Sometimes an x-ray is needed before the Chiropractor is satisfied that treatment will be both beneficial and safe.  If this is the case, we can refer you for private x-rays, or you can request one directly with your G.P.

Report of findings

Once the examination has been completed, your Chiropractor will then discuss with you what your cause of your pain is, how chiropractic can improve the affected area, and how many chiropractic visits will be necessary for symptomatic relief and the restoration of functionality.  Should more than one or two visits be felt necessary, we do offer discounted treatment plans.

First treatment 

Providing your Chiropractor deems treatment to be safe and potentially beneficial, you will receive treatment straight after your report of findings.  Chiropractors use adjustments which are precise, highly skilled manipulations to gently restore normal joint function. They also use numerous physical therapies and will advise you of specific exercises, stretches and lifestyle modifications to both speed recovery and help prevent reoccurrence.

Monitoring your improvements

If a treatment plan has been recommended for severe or long-term issues, you will at first, visit frequently until your pain has subsided.  When your Chiropractor is happy that your improvements have stabilised, the frequency will be lessened in between visits.  This allows for your Chiropractor to monitor your improvements and how long they last for.


At this stage you should be experiencing the benefits from improved sleep, happier moods (due to lack of pain), and being able to engage in physical activities you might have not have thought it possible to enjoy again.  Now you're in a happy place, our intention is to keep you there!  This is what maintenance visits are for.  The frequency of these visits are tailored to the individual, but for most are monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly. 

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