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the consultation

A consultation takes approximately an hour to complete.  You will be asked to complete pre-consultation forms prior to your appointment.

During the first period of time we will discuss your dietary and nutritional concerns, also digestive issues if a specialised digestive programme is to be introduced.

Your past health history will then be discussed, along with any areas highlighted within a pre-consultation form.  This information along with a food diary will then enable me to offer dietary and lifestyle advice tailored to your requirements.


As part of the standard nutritional programme you will be given a nutritional printed guide aimed at your area of specific health interest eg increased vitality, optimal blood glucose control, cardiovascular support, along with appropriate hand-outs.

For clients seeking specialised digestive support you will receive a printed personalised nutritional programme specifically tailored to your individual needs, with additional appropriate hand-outs to support and broaden advice and recommendations offered.


Online support is also available, during the timescale of the nutritional programme.


A discounted 30 minute follow-up consultation is included within the cost of the programme, at which time progress will be assessed, and alterations to the nutritional and lifestyle plan will be made if required.

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