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digestive health

If you suffer from frequent constipation, diarrhoea, bloating or acid reflux?

You are not alone 20% of people will suffer from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) within their lifetime and 40% of the population develop symptoms of dyspepsia such as bloating, nausea and acid reflux each year.

Conventional drug treatments can offer relief from symptoms but may not address the underlying issues.

In some of those with IBS type symptoms fermentable carbohydrates are understood to increase occurrence of wind & bloating. It may be sugars such as fructose or lactose within the diet behind gastric issues.

Alternatively milk protein rather than lactose may promote digestive dysfunction in some people. Gluten in those who develop non-coeliac gluten sensitivity may present with various digestive and non-digestive symptoms.

Poor bacterial balance, histamine intolerance, bile acid malabsorption and many other factors have the ability to interfere with optimal digestive function.

By identifying influences on digestive issues through careful case analysis and possibly through the use of a wide variety of different tests available to clients, steps can then be taken to promote a return to digestive wellbeing.

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