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diagnostic testing

There are a significant number of tests available to both clients and those who may just wish to just check certain areas of health or for deficiencies.


I can offer general health checks such as the heart disease risk and diabetes checks, insulin resistance test, tiredness and fatigue, various sports and performance checks, menopause and male hormone checks etc.


Tests include standard serum tests such as iron and thyroid function, red cell magnesium or folate, both accepted to be more accurate indication of status than serum, active B12 again a more accurate reflection of B12 levels than the standard serum test currently offered.  Serum testing of both allergy and food intolerances is available clients; this is understood to be more accurate and clinically accepted than some other methods currently offered.


Available to identify issues related to digestion include testing such as stool testing for digestion & absorption, inflammation, bacterial balance, identification of yeast growth and parasitology.


Breath testing for lactose and fructose intolerance, helicobacter pylori (bacteria linked to gastric acid issues) or small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (a condition where high levels of unwanted bacteria grow within the small intestine). Alternatively urinary organic acids test can offer an indication on yeast growth and bacterial imbalance.


DNA testing is available to clients to identify certain genetic influences on areas such as cardiovascular risks, sleep issues, oestrogen balance etc. for more details visit


Costs for testing vary widely with some such as Vitamin D and Vitamin B12 (active) costing as little as £20-00. Many tests are available at a discount for both those who are clients and those who are not. Some tests such as cellular magnesium and homocysteine (an amino acid which is understood to build up and cause damage to blood vessels) which is being linked to both cardiovascular disease and dementia are only available to registered clients only. Stool testing and DNA testing again are practitioner only tests as these need to be correctly analysed and appropriate diet and lifestyle advice offered.

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